How To Gauge The Success Of Your Website

So you are off and running, but you want to know exactly where you stand on the success side of your new website. If you are wondering how might go about tracking your success and progress, there are several benchmarks for doing so!


One of the first things you will need to do to gauge your site is to actually go through the website yourself and put yourself in the viewer’s place. Take a look at the functionality and the layout, appeal and style of the website. Does the website accomplish the mission you are aiming for? Would you enjoy viewing your website if you were an outsider? Would it grab your attention? If you aren’t sure or feel like maybe your site could use some work, fix the errors and take another look until you feel it is perfect. When you do have confidence in this part of it, you can proceed checking your website in other aspects.


One of the best ways to tell how your website is doing good is by the number of views it is getting. To find this information, you can do a few things. One is to check the website for the number of people who are going through your site daily. Many sites and site hosts will offer a tool for this to make it easy. Google Analytics will have their tools built in. If you aren’t able to find the tools per say, you can also check your blog comments for popularity. Take a look to see who might of seen your posts recently and collectively, and also see about how many had enough interest to supply some input. Also, check videos posted for the number of views they have gotten. If all of these fail, you might not have a lot of traffic. While these aren’t completely accurate in gauging popularity, they should be able to give you a rough guide of the popularity your website has.


When have looked over your own website and have come to the conclusion that it is great, and your viewer history backs that up, the next thing to do would be to compare your website to your competition. Identify competitors and scope out what they have going on. When you see one company doing something new, you will often see other companies follow shortly after. This is because it is very important to stay up to date and in touch with the newest things in trend. Be sure to check other websites to see what features or other important aspects they have that your website might not. Their website might have a mobile app, and yours doesn’t. Whether or not you line up with your competitors can give you a sense of value your website.


If you have done all these things, and you feel confident in your website, you might be able to say you’re doing quite well! If you still don’t trust your own judgements or you’d like to have a closer look, you can visit a website that grades other websites (yes, they are out there!) or download software to give you some further insight. Asking friends doesn’t hurt either.

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