Will Your Site Sell Anything Without Marketing?

No doubt marketing is one of the most important success factors for lots of start-up online enterprises and entrepreneurs, and early emphasis should be made. However, if you place your attention only on old methods of generating traffic like link building, you may miss out on lots of potential customers. To prevent this from happening, below are some strategies to help you sell anything on your site without marketing.


  1. Stand Out by Using Rich Snippets


This means that you should create a search listing that has additional information regarding the availability, review, and price of a product. Rich snippets are useful for learning about certain product or site at a glance from the search results page without visiting the site. They are also very responsive because they can boost traffic to your site by 40%. When compare to marketing, it is very effective.


Remember, rich snippets might take some time to appear in the search listings, but eventually it will come up, and you can use as a testing tool to ensure proper increase.


  1. Write Titles and Descriptions That Can Capture People’s Attention


Titles and meta descriptions are attributes that decide how and where your page appears in the search results. They are seemly important, so ensure that you write a fascinating title and description that will make your page stand out in search engines. Ensure that you highlight your area of specialty, reasons why customers should patronize you and your unique selling proposition. Examples of such descriptions are; we offer free gift wrapping, free delivery, no sales tax charges and others.


  1. Include Long-Tail Variations to Your Pages


Long-tail variations are keywords that are easy to rank which can be converted to a higher rate to increase traffic. They are more easy to research and focus on than short, high-volume terms.


An example to help in maximizing your exposure to such long-tail variations is by identifying long-tail modifiers. This can be done by optimizing your page with a handful of these long-tail gems to rank for many searches as possible and ultimately increase traffic.


  1. Leverage Your Internal Links


This means that you should get links from other sites to help influence the structure and rankings of your site. Linking your site to well-recognized pages on your domain can boost traffic and help your page rank better.


An example of how to do this is by making a list of highly recognized pages you’d like to rank better with, identify these pages, add a link from your own page and incorporate all the links naturally on your authority page with an anchor text that’ssimilar to the keyword of your target page.




It may take a while to see the results if you depend on just increasing the number of backlinks to your site. But with the tips mentioned above, you can increase traffic to your website without marketing by making smart moves in short period.

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